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Summer Reading Club is in the Seattle Times!

Great news! The Summer Reading Club got some great press this week when a short article I wrote was published in the online “education lab” page of the Seattle Times. Check it out here:




We got a grant for Summer 2014!

Great news for fans of the Seattle Summer Reading Club…. We got a grant! Its a small grant, but it will allow me to advertise better (and not have to pay for printing out of my own pocket!), supply more books, and even do something I’ve been thinking about all year: Design a “How to Support Your Young Reader” brochure and have it translated into a few languages. I’ll be talking to some great teachers I know and asking them if they’re interested in helping with the brochure project, and will be able to pay for their time with a small stipend. I’ll also be asking for help translating the brochure into a few different languages, and will be able to pay a small stipend for this as well! But perhaps most importantly, I’ll be able to take the Summer Reading Club “on the road”, out of the library. This will hopefully make it easier for families in my targeted community — South East Seattle — to come to one or more of the Reading Clubs. I have already made connections with friends in the Ethiopian and Somali communities, and they are excited to partner with me.

Soon I’ll be putting a call out for volunteers in many forms, namely:

* Translators (for brochure and fliers), especially Spanish, East African languages, and Vietnamese, Chinese/Mandarin.

* Book donations — Criteria include: Appropriate for early readers, culturally appropriate, and anti-bias. We especially need Bob books, “I can read”  books (the type with a level system of some sort… 1, 2, 3 or the like), Dr. Suess and Mo Willem books, and any others that are small and preferably paperback. Paperback is preferred since I’ll be carting them around and don’t want the book cart to be too heavy, but hardback exceptions can be made for Dr. Suess and Mo Williems, as these series were a HUGE hit last summer! Oh, and I’d like to steer clear from Disney and movie books as much as possible. Some are fine, but so many don’t meet my guidelines for anti-bias literature (which I’ll post more about soon).

* A sturdy, rolling book cart or two (to transport all those donations!)

* Printing costs (if you happen to have a connection for discounts!)

* and most importantly — READING CLUB PARENT VOLUNTEERS for the summer meeting times, to read with kids and model to parents what encouraging young readers looks like

I’m  very excited to spruce up the program for next summer, and to take it on the road! We’ll be gearing up all year, but wanting to meet with volunteers starting in May.

If you can help with any of the above needs, please “follow” this blog to hear more. Or, you can email me at readingclub@ross154.net and I’ll contact you!


Dayna and the rest of the Summer Reading Club Champions!